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We provide home made diet plans only without any supplements.

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I started my journey as a nutritionist with a BSc. And MSc. in Home Science, majoring in Food Science and Nutrition, from Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (College of Community Science). After graduating from OUAT in 2016, I began my career by working with Apollo Sugar Clinic as a dietician cum diabetic educator, having already completed internships with multiple reputed hospitals. My primary responsibility was to advise and coach people on the benefits of having proper dietary habits, analyzing the health problems occurring due lack of proper dietary habits and designing a variety of diet plans. I did this for two and a half years. I am also certified in an online nutrition course at Harvard University, entitled “6-week plan for healthy eating”; a course entitled, “Food and Nutrition” from IGNOU(CFN); a nutrition education program on basic nutrition and anemia under E-learning ICMR-NIN modules; a Post graduate certificate in diabetic education under International Diabetics Educator E-learning Program (IDEEL).

I also completed an 8-week certificate course for BAKERY and PATISSERIE conducted by the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Bhubaneswar. Throughout my experiences, I felt the need to help people navigate the complexities of having a good diet. I also saw the need to help people, not only to achieve better health, but also to improve dietary habits based on taste, preferences and the prevalence of various medical conditions. I realized that having a good diet, maintaining proper health and fitness is now the global standard, and, being a dietician, I felt the need to make my contribution for the same. Diet Delight with Niharika is my brain child, and the idea for starting my own online consultancy came in view of the COVID-19 crisis and combined well with my inherent desire to help people with their dietary requirements. I felt that the online community and social media would help me get my message out to people, and I was pleasantly surprised by the response I received. Many people came forward with dietary issues and needed diet plans for various conditions, including weight loss, muscle gain, immunity boost and there was also a requirement for diet plans pertaining to people with heart conditions, diabetes and PCOS.

I began with a simple home set-up, and created a WhatsApp account where people could reach me for online consultancy sessions. I also created Facebook and Instagram accounts to further improve my outreach. When people started to reach out to me, I also realized that there is a lack of awareness as to maintaining dietary habits and achieving higher immunity levels, which came into question during the pandemic. Having helped so many people, not just in India, but around the world, I was able to grow my client base up to 6000 clients at present.


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